About Festival

The festival's topic concerns the core of our social and political organisation: DEMOCRACY - twisted, challenged yet still present. Murderous attacks on freedom of speech have been observed lately. We are living in unpredictable times. They are shaped by globalisation, technocracy, capitalism, neonationalism, technology, and blurring the lines between the left and the right.

We are witnessing increased engagement of civil activists as well as supporters of "uncivil" society. Aren't we just watching politics, representation of which has turned into simulation, in which "liars call liars liars"? What it means to be a democrat, (neo)liberal and capitalist today, and what shall it mean tomorrow? How do we cope with contradictions within these identities? Let's review these views through theatre, music, lectures, films, arts - in your own mind.

[The EMBARGO Festival is organized within the FREIRAUM project funded by the Goethe-Institut Bratislava. It is realized in cooperation with PAT - Temporary Academy of Arts, Goethe-Institute Athen, Greece, Centre for Community Organizing and NIOT - Not In Our Town, civic platform, Slovakia. Artistic program of the festival is kindly supported from public funding by Slovak Arts Council.]